Treated Like a Captain

Treated Like a Captain
This instrumental composition was inspired by the late Chris Coulon, who, following a life dream, went on a sailing adventure.

His identical twin brother Robin described to me:
Chris bought a 43′ trimaran in the Florida Keys, then took it to and through the Panama canal. He sailed and motored to Acapulco where he tried to get the boat repaired unsuccessfully. He tried 3 times, but then tried to sail north to California since he couldn’t get satisfaction in Mexico with repairs. He made it about 500 miles west of Baja California when a storm tore his sails and he lost the function of his motor. He was picked up by a huge Norwegian freighter with Norwegian officers and a mostly Filipino crew traveling from South America to Taiwan and taken to Taiwan in an officer’s cabin and had all his meals with the Captain and officers. Chris said he was ‘treated like a captain’ and given lots of help when he arrived in Taiwan.  

Listening and downloading options for the song can be found at this link: https://www.smarturl.it/SoulSampler3

A bit about the sounds: Many of the sounds I played in this composition/recording were from https://pianobook.co.uk including but not limited to: Tunnel Bodhran and Christian’s Piano recorded by Christian Henson, and Micah’s Choir recorded by Micah Christian and Cordaro Rodriguez (Sons of Serendip members, Season 9 of America’s Got Talent) I loved playing on keyboard Micah Christian’s voice samples in this composition because his voice, especially when layered, reminds me of, and aligns with the expansive and magical qualities of the ocean!


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