2012 BC

DC Bianchino and Steven Cravis met back in 1991 on the Boston Greenline Cravis was holding a salad, Bianchino said “That looks like a healthy meal” Cravis added “You must not be from around here – do you notice nobody talks?(The tram was packed…That begain their conversation…Cravis said he composed music but didn’t write lyrics. Bianchino is a writer. They exchanged numbers and the rest is history….formed the band 2012 BC recently and have released their
first 7 singles on iTunes, Amazonmp3, YouTube Music and all the streaming services.

D.C. Bianchino is a poet and visionary….He incorporates his visions in his poetry, also contained as here in music andsong…He also wrote a play called ” The Pitch For You Can’t Stop The Music” yet to be performed on stage, it tells where we’ve been where we are and our potential of where we can go…To see his works go to his web site http://www.dcbianchino.com

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