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Site Map Sitemap

Site Map Sitemap

A new sitemap has been added to this site at http://www.stevencravis.com/sitemap.xml

I love the app Plag!

I love the app Plag!

I love the app Plag. Other social networks are based on your ‘network’ of friends or associates. This one does not depend on connecting or knowing anyone first, and allows whatever you post to be swiped up (and passed on) if people like it, or swiped down if they don’t want to pass it on. […]

Facebook Music Stories

Facebook Music Stories

Soon, Steven Cravis music will be available for sharing from Apple Music and/or Spotify to Facebook Music Stories. Here’s how it will work, with the two following videos demonstrating sharing other artists’ music through the apps: For Apple Music Stream – Facebook Music Stories   For Spotify Stream – Facebook Music Stories

Ever Wonder Who Is That Voice Guy?

Ever Wonder Who Is That Voice Guy?

Have you ever wondered who is that guy speaking over TV commercials, films and radio, such as for the television commercials/promos for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  Well, that guy is my friend Ari Ross, also known as VoiceGuy. And not only is he an all-around great guy, but he’s super talented and available to enhance your creative projects and business. Here are six […]

Spotify Changes Count Display Paradig...

Up until it’s latest software update, Spotify displayed a total fan follow count for each artist at the top right (of the desktop Spotify application interface). Now, that follow count is still displayed on the artist page, but it’s just much farther down on the page, near the left. It’s a ‘display’ paradigm shift, especially […]

About Pandora C-Span with Christopher...

About Pandora C-Span with Christopher Harrison

About Pandora Media – C-Span interview with Christopher Harrison & Hayley Tsukayama IF YOU CANNOT SEE VIDEO, PLEASE WATCH AT THIS LINK: http://www.c-span.org/video/standalone/?320590-1/communicators-chris-harrison

Apple Music listens to Taylor Swift a...

Apple Music listens to Taylor Swift and Pays Artists

Thank you, @taylorswift13 and Apple! This makes a big difference for me and my family! ❤️🎵 pic.twitter.com/6nnCSZNagw — Steven Cravis (@StevenCravis) June 22, 2015

Subtle new development in YouTube Mus...

Subtle new development in YouTube Music Key

When YouTube Music Key beta started, it made sort of a collage of album covers top banner image for each topic page (Topic pages are where you search an artist, and there is an auto-generated page about that artist, not owned by the artist or label, but created by YouTube automatically). Then YouTube changed it […]

YouTube Music Key Albums

Musician Steven Cravis discusses a development in YouTube Music Key ‘Albums’ category that can be used strategically by independent musicians on their own web sites. YouTube Music Key streaming tracks are currently viewable in UK, US, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Ireland. Please view the following video full screen, high definition (720 or 1080) on […]

Resource for Spotify Artists

I hope independent artists who want a greater presence on Spotify are checking out this fantastic resource, and it’s updates: http://www.spotifyartists.com/ I believe it’s important to give fans several streaming music options given the popularity of streaming music services.