steven-cravis-stairs2010Steven Cravis

Pianist, Composer, Producer, Publisher

What I’m doing now

I’m in San Francisco, staying quite focused, avoiding distractions. I spend all my time on these things:

  • Staying very healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Following all the advice of local government, scientists and medical field.  I found that 34 years of meditation, many years of healthy eating, a few years of small amounts of elderberry gummies, zinc, vitamin D3, and a shot glass of Kombucha Probiotic Bubbly Tea (the HEALTH ADE brand) have been supportive of my over all health. These days are the most unpredictable times and I wish everyone health and safety. Also, if you have young children, here is a nice educational video that was made about Covid-19, and I was honored to donate my music to it: https://www.facebook.com/MikeClarkWTAE/videos/207338664015002/
  • Working on some music for an upcoming documentary by Wierzbicki.org
  • I am a virtual instrument library sounds addict, and have recently been recording some demos for an upcoming sound library by one of my favorite companies, which may be launched any day now. This is a dream come true, and that’s all the details I can say right now. Check back to this NOW page periodically to get the updates, or subscribe to my newsletter at https://www.subscribepage.com/stevencravis
  • Working on collaborations, for pop singles, tv, and film music, with singer/songwriter/producer/director Adrienne Z.
  • Completed, released, and currently promoting SOUL SAMPLER, Vol. I, first in a series of new multi-genre EPs.
  • Completed, released, and currently promoting FOUNTAIN OF COLOR AND LIGHT by my a.k.a. artist name Meditation Music.
  • Completed, released and currently promoting Detroit Paranormal Expeditions by my a.k.a. artist name Happy Halloween Music.
  • Learning a lot about epic orchestral, and hybrid electronic + orchestral production. One example is my track FLIGHT.
  • Releasing new original pop singles with UK singer/producer Mark Hadley and our new band Kala Rhymed
  • following tutorials by David Earl , Nathan Larsen Music and Mikael Baggström to learn advanced Logic Pro X recording techniques
  • Produced a cover arrangement of the 80s pop classic MANIAC Mastered by Greg Gordon of Pyramind, featuring Chicago singer RJ Griffith

Those are my priorities.

My latest view on creativity is that it has the greatest flow when we complete projects (a music cd, write a book, create visual art, etc..) and get those out of our system. The feeling is of completion, and then allows room for the next ideas to come in more fully and be manifested. Recently I struggled with wanting to create so many different genres of music, that I felt like I wasn’t completing any of them. So, what I resolved was to release a series of Soul Samplers (Special thanks to Ari Ross for that series title, check out his site and music to be released on September 15, 2019!), a series of five-song EPs that will include a variety of the genres I’m producing. So in essence, followers of my music will get a sneak peak at future albums from each EP, the goal being to ultimately re-organize all the same genre songs  into separate coherent larger albums after all the Soul Sampler EPs are complete.

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was May 8, 2020.

CREDIT: ‘Now’ Page idea by Derek Sivers.

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