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Major Networks: Find music list and samples here

Bio: Pump Audio / Getty Images Music Artist Steven Cravis composes and produces original music in a wide array of styles, ideal for film, tv episodes and tv commercials. Steven Cravis owns 200% of all of his songs (100% of the masters and 100% of the publishing).

Major Networks including CBS, NBC, CNN, UK Matchroom Sport and Animal Planet have licensed the music of Steven Cravis.

Some of Cravis’s music is moving solo piano, while some is holiday specific,ambient electronic, and always pure elegance to the ears.

Music license Example from the documentary Michael Watson – The People’s Champion
( UK Matchroom Sport / Sky Sports 3 Channel)
Music from the album Healing Piano by Steven Cravis

Genres: Kids/Quirky, New Age, Ambient Soundscapes, Easy Listening, Classical – Classical Chamber, Electronic – Ambient, Specialty – Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty – Promo Music, Specialty – Polka, Specialty – HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty – Horror/Suspense, Specialty – Cinematic, Specialty – Christmas/Holiday, World – Asian – North Pacific, World – Asian – Mainland, World – African

Smaller Companies, please use the Music License Calculator.

Free YouTube Usage

If you are ONLY using my music for your own YouTube video go ahead and purchase the tracks you want from your favorite download service (iTunes, Amazonmp3, Google Play etc.. ), add my song(s) to your video, upload your video to YouTube, and later, when you see a ‘Matched third party content’ notice that Audiam is the claimant (in email or in your YouTube Video Manager area) acknowledge it. YouTube will share revenue with me from small advertisements that will be placed over your video, with zero ($0.00) music license cost to you. Here’s how to acknowledge the Matched Third Party Content claim:

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