Subtle new development in YouTube Music Key

When YouTube Music Key beta started, it made sort of a collage of album covers top banner image for each topic page (Topic pages are where you search an artist, and there is an auto-generated page about that artist, not owned by the artist or label, but created by YouTube automatically).

Then YouTube changed it to a solid red banner for several months.

YouTube Music Key Banner May 27, 2015

Subtle development in YouTube Music Key

Today it’s a banner with a subtle new pattern of colors.

See example at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOTIEnrx2Z71CA_U0L5i3qA

This indicates that YouTube is moving YouTube Music Key beta into it’s next phase. The service is expected to move out of beta into full launch in September 2015.

StevenCravis.com | All My Albums on YouTube Music Key

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