Quell Zen Soundtrack

Quell Zen Soundtrack now available!

Quell Zen App

Quell Zen App

Quell Zen – the very embodiment of relaxing logic games – features over 200 beautifully crafted challenges.

This is the soundtrack by Steven Cravis that was created for the app Quell Zen. Two of the pieces are brand new, and one is based on a track from the very first Quell app, with instrument, tempo, and arrangement variations.

Download the Music:
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Listen to and see the QUELL ZEN app teaser trailer, with music, on YouTube:


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  1. Lincoln Thomas Lincoln Thomas
    May 19, 2019    

    Thank you so much for the Quell music, it makes the game unique and special to me in this crazy stressful world. I love just listening to the music too, it never gets old. I would play it as part of my amateur fingerstyle guitar repertoire but it would never be as good as the originals. You have found a way to improve my mental health better than you can imagine. Keep up the great work.

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