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I make a living creating high quality music that can be listened to worldwide.

If you are looking to listen to music for free, please choose one of the following online streaming radio services which are able to pay me and other artists who play similar music at no cost, or nearly no cost, to you. Choose the below service logo that looks most familiar to you.

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File sharing of my music is not allowed. Instead you may truly support my career by recommending the URL http://www.StevenCravis.com to everyone you know. My music is also available for licensing and on CDs. The most supportive way for you to buy my downloads, if you have it, is iTunes. Please guide friends and family, who want FREE LEGAL MUSIC DOWNLOADS, to join my email list at the upper left corner at stevencravis.com page.

I'm confident that after you hear my music for free you will want to share the URL (internet address, not the files) with friends, family and associates so that they may also enjoy the music for free and consider supporting my career further by purchasing CDs. Please join the confidential email list to be updated first about any new songs, CDs and sheet music available!
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