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Frequently asked questions
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Question: Do you sell sheet music for any of your pieces?
Yes, for more information go to sheet music

Question: What music equipment do you use?
For my piano CDs I've used various acoustic pianos including Steinway. For my multitrack recordings I've recently started using the Kurzweil PC2x (a keyboard) with Orchestral ROM Block installed. I love this keyboard! This instrument can be heard in my recent songs at mp3.com including: The Somerset Miracle, shantawa, The Land of Make Believe.
I also used this keyboard to produce the soundtrack for Ferry Halim's video game Critical Zone at orisinal.com which has a very big orchestral sound similar to Star Wars soundtracks. If you are interested in buying a new Kurzweil PC2x or any other music equipment, I highly recommend you contact a great guy named Brad Lyons at Sweetwater.com

Question: Why aren't you famous yet?
I don't know!

Question: Where can I find your full soundtrack from the orisinal.com game Voyage?
The full track will be available on besonic.com soon!

Question: How can I license your music for use on a project?
Follow the directions at my music licensing page.

Question: What is your view of Napster-type websites?
Websites where people share files, and no royalties go to the creators of the content, are illegal. You may not post my music on any website unless I have authorized you to do so through a licensing agreement. However please share my web site URL www.stevencravis.com with everyone you know!
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