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55 Responses to Audio

  1. Ricardo Gomes says:

    Thank you so much Steven !

  2. Lola says:

    Hi Steven! It sounds amazing. Thank you for your music!

  3. Sue S says:

    Hi Steven
    Sounds great!

  4. Sue S says:

    Hi Steven!

  5. Mostafa Banihashemi says:

    Good Luck Buddy!

  6. Karen FitzGerald says:

    Got the invite!

  7. Wonderful music from a wonderful person. The link from Facebook works. I appreciate you including me, thank you Steven!

  8. Kian says:

    Got it. You are awesome!

  9. Shannon says:

    I received the invite!

  10. Michele says:

    Participating in your test :)

  11. Andy Shmandy says:

    You are uneven but sometimes you’re weaven…It’s not very hard to believe……. in Steven!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    :) Thanks for sharing Steven! I enjoyed checking out the site!

  13. Roth Herrlinger says:

    Great music, Steven!


  14. Garry Simpson says:

    I am Steven’s biggest fan!!

  15. ROCK ON Mr. Steven Cravis! :-)

  16. Erica says:

    Hi Steven!

    Thanks for the fb invite. :)

  17. Paul says:

    Saw your FB invite so here I am, Steven.

  18. Brian says:

    Interesting music.
    We may have a spot for some of your music on our show.
    “Wings” with Angel & Brian
    WFCF, 88FIVE, Flagler College Radio, St. Augustine, FL

    620 Queen Road
    St. Augustine, FL 32086

  19. Steve Grant says:

    Receiving loud and clear :)

  20. Paolo Frisoli says:

    Nice tunes! Link from FB works!

  21. Julie N. says:

    Hi Steven. Thanks for the invite! :)

  22. alan says:

    Got the message!

  23. Andy says:

    Congratulations on the enormity of your success. I got 2012 B.C Earlier. Loved it. Sent request to Magicians everywhere.

  24. sjofn says:

    in response to fb invite. am i on a mailing list now?

  25. Emmie says:

    Hi Steven,

    I like the song…thanks!!!

  26. Mr.Billy says:

    Responding with my iPhone

  27. Dee says:

    All good here :)

  28. Dionne says:


  29. Belle Bundy says:

    Got it. :-)

  30. Zoe says:

    Amazing as always!

  31. Frederick Rogers says:

    A unique sound with beautiful vocals.

  32. Benson C. says:

    In response to FB invite.

  33. Karin Zeckel Tholander says:

    Hi Steven!
    I got the invitation to the Facebook event. Now, Yvonne and my father are visiting us here in Sweden.

  34. Shane.Z says:

    I got the invitation to this page from Steven Cravis :) Very nice song too.

  35. Armand says:

    Heyy Steven!!!! :D

  36. margee says:

    Very refreshing to my ear and my soul….Thank You

  37. James Finch says:

    The music is very cool, by the way!

  38. James Finch says:

    Hey, thanks for the invite, hope you are doing well.

  39. Frank Nocode says:

    Simply Amazing…I feel love!!! Great job…

  40. Ian says:

    Hey Steven, got the invite. Thanks!

  41. margee says:

    Hello My Friend :)

  42. Patti says:

    Hi Steven, I got the Facebook invite :)

  43. Danielle says:

    Sing me a song–you’re the piano man!

  44. Jeff Bjorck says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for the invite!

  45. David Brown says:

    got it, Steven. best, David

  46. Emily says:

    Hey there! I received an invitation from Facebook.

  47. Lori says:

    Totally stellar!

  48. Sarah Cion says:

    2012 BC has a fresh new sound. I love it. The voices are perfect, the music is extremely well-recorded. The instrumentation is soothing and the tracks are very well-mixed. I loved ALL the tracks and can’t wait to hear more from this great new band!

  49. Arsenal soccer shirt says:

    Cool collection. I like the 2nd last very much and I have got a new concept after watching this photo

  50. Lori says:

    Great songs! Good luck!

  51. Eatcity says:

    Amazing song..please give us some more…
    good luck xx

  52. Daisy Estebez says:

    Great song! ! Best of luck.

  53. Steven says:

    Congratulations, Felicia!

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