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Miracle in the Cave

Miracle in the Cave

Note from the artist: My composition and recording Miracle in the Cave is an expression of the joy I felt, and the joy I imagine must have been felt by the 12 boys and their coach, and all of their families, in the moment all 13 of them were found, after surviving nine days on […]

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Site Map Sitemap

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Steven Cravis, Doug Hammer and Philip...

Steven Cravis, Doug Hammer and Philip Wesley in concert November 1, 2017 San Francisco

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Kangaru from Arrival and Tribal Secre...

Kangaru from Arrival and Tribal Secrets from Steven Cravis

I was recently watching the 2016 movie Arrival and repeatedly heard phrases rhythms and notes that were part of a tune that I wrote back in 2004. Their soundtrack didn’t have my sound recording, but to my ears sounds like the same composition, similar tempo, and very similar, down to even the key. I thought […]